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 New Digital X-Ray System at SHS


To further fulfill their mission to provide high quality healthcare for its community, Spooner Health System recently installed a new Kalare digital x-ray system from Toshiba Medical Systems, Inc.  “There are so many benefits to our new digital x-ray system,” said Craig Norheim, Director of SHS’s Diagnostic Imaging Department.  “Three of the most important benefits to our patients are that this new system offers enhanced image quality, streamline diagnosis and controlled radiation exposure.”

Enhanced Image Quality

The Kalare’s advanced, all-digital technology provides high-quality x-ray images.  This new system also offers fluoroscopic images which makes it possible to see internal organs in motion.  For example, several exposures can be taken in rapid sequence of the esophagus.  This allows the radiologist, doctor, and speech therapist to actually see the entire swallowing process in video format.  Before the installation of the Kalare system, several still images through three or four different sequences were taken in order to capture the full esophagus.

Streamline Diagnosis

It is much easier and more efficient to get the new digital images where they need to go compared to the old x-rays films.  The images can be brought up on the computer or put on a CD.  A system is also in place for images from SHS’s Diagnostic Imaging Department to be transferred directly to the computers of Essentia Health Clinic physicians.  Having digital images benefits the patient because it allows for more timely reading by radiologists and physicians which results in a quicker diagnosis back to the patient.

Controlled Radiation Exposure

The Kalare offers pulsed fluoroscopy which allows the technicians to easily and effectively reduce the radiation to the amount necessary.  Patients benefit from less exposure to radiation without compromising the image quality.  There are less repeat x-rays needed with the new digital system which also results in less radiation to the patient.

Installing the new x-ray system was the last step in SHS’s Diagnostic Imaging Department becoming all-digital.  Norheim states, “We are proud to provide state-of-the-art technology to our patients!”


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